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Weight Loss

Look Great, Feel Amazing

Our Approach

We encourage patients to take a long-term approach to weight and body composition management and offer guidance that helps achieve realistic, sustainable, satisfying results.

Nearly ¾ of men in the United States struggle with weight.

Examining and managing three core influences guides our approach to sustaining a healthy weight and a strong, lean body.

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We shy away from counting calories or restricting major food groups to everyone. Using some universal guidelines of healthy eating, we help patients identify a sustainable dietary strategy that works for them.

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As is true with food, not everyone needs the same exercise routine. Some may feel most rewarded with strenuous work-outs at the gym, while others may find that gentle walks around the neighborhood are the best way to keep moving. Usually the best strategy involves some combination of aerobic or cardio exercise, such as jogging, biking or swimming, and anaerobic, high-intensity/shorter duration exercises such as weightlifting or sprinting. The most important thing? Keep moving…one way or another.

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Hormonal Balance

Often overlooked, but potentially crucially important to sustained weight management. Significantly sub-optimal hormone status can mean an obstacle that even the best nutrition and exercise regimens cannot overcome. Why is hormonal assessment not part of every weight loss effort? Well, one reason is that not everyone who tries to help people manage weight are able to assess and/or treat hormone imbalance. At the very least, adults evaluating weight loss strategies should consult with a trained medical provider with an expertise in hormone therapy. For guys, testosterone is one of a few hormones (including estrogen and thyroid hormones) that should be assessed.