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Hormone (Testosterone)
Replacement Therapy

Vital Bodies, Vital Minds

Why Testosterone?

Testosterone is not a “cure-all” or a “miracle drug”. It is, simply, a game-changer for many men struggling to age gracefully. Dr. Jefferds has observed – with hundreds of patients, over years of follow-up – that comprehensive, properly prescribed and monitored treatment provides significant, often dramatic, benefits. 

What are Some of the Symptoms of Declining Testosterone?

As testosterone drops, many men experience symptoms related to all areas of wellness – physical, sexual, mental and emotional. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Low Energy, Stamina, Drive and Motivation
  • Weight Gain; Drop in Strength and Endurance; Nagging Aches and Pains and Slow Recovery
  • Poor Mood; Depression, Anxiety
  • Struggle with Focus, Concentration or Memory
  • Declining Sexual Interest (Libido) and Performance, including Erectile Function
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For most of us, sooner or later the progression of advancing years starts to take its toll. For some guys, that means decreasing energy levels, trouble getting going, or crashing early. For others, it might be a decline in motivation to do the things you enjoy or a general drop in enthusiasm for life. Some start noticing diminishing results – at the gym, at work, in the bedroom. Often, poor recovery and nagging aches and pains become a frustration. A thorough evaluation with Bio-Vital experts can help determine if low testosterone is a factor.

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Depression & Anxiety

Mood swings, depression, irritability, anxiety, reduced cognitive ability, aggression, anger, sleep disorders, and food cravings…

More and more, both doctors and patients are recognizing the profound relationship between “mental/emotional health” and hormone balance. While prescriptions for antidepressants and other pharmacologic concoctions are a primary tool for many health care practitioners, mental/emotional health issues often have their roots in suboptimal or imbalanced hormones. For men, a thorough testosterone evaluation is a good place to start.

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Weight Loss & Fitness

Nearly ¾ of men in the United States struggle with weight. The roles of nutrition, diet and physical activity with regard to weight management are well understood. What is widely under-recognized with regard to body composition is the role of hormones. As hormone levels deviate from optimal levels, metabolism shifts. Addressing this obstacle can pave the way for a healthier, leaner physique.

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Sexual Health

By the time men reach 40 years of age, nearly ½ will begin to experience declining sexual performance of some kind. For some, the most concerning issue is a drop in sexual interest. For others, it may be inconsistencies related to erectile function. Whatever the situation, declining testosterone may be contributing. Clinically, we have witnessed that testosterone levels often correlate strongly with levels of sexual interest, and research confirms this connection. Additionally, for more mild cases of erectile dysfunction addressing low testosterone levels can provide a significant boost.